Currently Available Whippets

(Updated 04/12/2014)

The following Whippets are currently available through WRAP. Find out more about them by contacting the rescuers who are providing foster care for them. Decisions about adoptions are made by these WRAP members. (And before you pass over the older gentlemen and ladies, please see Old Folks -- these whippets still have a lot of love to give!)

Please note that there is an adoption fee for each rescue Whippet. The fee may vary based on the age of the dog and the amount of veterinary care required. Contact the respective foster caregivers for information on the adoption fee for their fosters.

WRAP does not ship Whippets to potential new homes.

WRAP Available Rescues
Click on the states below to see the available rescues. The number in parentheses indicates the number of rescues in that state.

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9-year-old male with Jean Riganati at (508) 476-2877 or

Hermes (HER-MEEZ) is an almost 9 year old, neutered male. He is small for a boy, about 29 lbs. Hermes is updated on all his vaccines and is chipped. Hermes is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. He will sit for hours on end on your lap. Hermes gets along great with other dogs, although sometimes he gets a little overwhelmed with a big pack. Hermes is cat safe as he lived without incident with a cat in his former home. Hermes was never crated, although will tolerate a crate, but prefers to be out with his humans. Hermes is a very quiet boy, no whining or barking, since he's been with me. Hermes will be placed with someone who is sighthound experienced, has a fenced yard and is home a good part of the day. Also, his new home should be within a two hour driving distance from Douglas, MA. Hermes will not be placed in a home with children, no exceptions. If you think you can provide the requirements for Hermes, please send me a completed application.

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Check back frequently for more rescue listings.
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