Currently Available Whippets

(Updated 07/24/2014)

The following Whippets are currently available through WRAP. Find out more about them by contacting the rescuers who are providing foster care for them. Decisions about adoptions are made by these WRAP members. (And before you pass over the older gentlemen and ladies, please see Old Folks -- these whippets still have a lot of love to give!)

Please note that there is an adoption fee for each rescue Whippet. The fee may vary based on the age of the dog and the amount of veterinary care required. Contact the respective foster caregivers for information on the adoption fee for their fosters.

WRAP does not ship Whippets to potential new homes.

WRAP Available Rescues
Click on the states below to see the available rescues. The number in parentheses indicates the number of rescues in that state.

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6 year-old male with Shellie Juden -

I am Rocky Rocket and I'm six years young (if you can't tell by my name). I came in to WRAP with my two litter-mates. Our owner became too ill to care for us any longer. I LOVE to play ball and get treats. I sleep in a crate very well, I'm neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, have freshly cleaned teeth, and all my blood work came back with perfect numbers.

I have learned so much in the past few weeks since I came into rescue! I've learned how to walk on a lead nicely, and doing great with my house training. A few other items I'm working on are no counter surfing, and good house manners. I get along with dogs who don't want to be the boss, and have made a few new friends among the other Whippets in my foster home. I'm not allowed with cats or small dogs - they're just too much fun to chase. I'm good with nice older children. Someone with a yard, who is home most of the time and can continue my training, would work best for me.

My foster Mom said I'm the busy boy of the group. If you have a place in your heart for me or one of my litter-mates, please fill out the WRAP application and email it to my Foster Mom.

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4 1/2 year-old Male with Paula Otteson -

My name is Arrow and I'm a cool dude from Hawaii. I was brought to California with my family, but an unforeseen move back to the islands had them leaving me in WRAP's loving care. I am a quiet, laid-back boy, am housetrained, I crate well, I know how to use a doggie door and I love playing with toys. I'm neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and heartworm negative. I love people, in fact, I gave kisses to the vet when he examined me. I also love sleeping with my people, although I can sleep in a dog bed too.

I do need someone who will be willing to help me work on my leash manners as I really don't have any! I'm just so excited when I go for a walk, I want to pull my person everywhere. I also like getting on the furniture and cuddling with my person as most whippets do. While I like most dogs, my foster mom feels I should be an only dog because I do get jealous when my housemates and I compete for attention.

If you are interested in adopting me, live in Southern California and don't have other dogs I would have to compete with for attention, please fill out the WRAP application and send it to Paula at

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6 year-old femal with Paula Otteson"

If you are looking for a tall, beautiful female who loves to give kisses and cuddle on the couch with you, Winnie is your girl! Winnie is 6 years old and is a very happy dog. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and heartworm negative. She came in to WRAP with her two littermates after her owner became too ill to care for them. Since coming in to WRAP, Winnie has gained some much needed weight, but because access to food had been limited in her previous home, she will try to counter surf. Winnie is a very smart and inquisitive girl so be ready to keep up with her.

Winnie bonds very closely to her person and wants all of their attention so she would do best where someone is home most of the time. Her behavior is sometimes unpredictable with other dogs so she needs to be the only dog in the household and no young children. No cats or other fuzzy critters please.

If you are interested in knowing more about Winnie or are interested in adopting Winnie and live in Southern California, please fill out the WRAP application and send it to Paula at

Winnie 1
Winnie 2
Winnie 3



July 2014: The Sighthound Underground:, Washington DC, has a whippet dog needing his forever home. "Baxter" was rescued over two weeks ago wandering along a highway as 55 mph traffic zoomed by in Hawaii. It took over an hour to coax him into a car. He was likely used for hunting and strayed or was abandoned. He has been transferred to Washington DC by Sighthounds Underground who are now fostering him. He  is now a fairly healthy male dog as compared to his skin and bones appearance at rescue. Baxter remains timid but is gentle and needs continued kindness to reassure him that life with a human is OK. Baxter is neutered and up to date on vaccines. He weighs 34.7 pounds; is 20-21 inches tall; 19 inches long and probably 2-3 years old. Baxter would benefit living in a home with another sighthound or nice dog. Probably no cats or young children. Baxter will need a safe, secure home with a secure fence. If you are kind and patient, have room in your heart and home, then this Island Boy is for you! For more information about adopting Baxter, please contact the Sighthound Underground  or Sighthound Underground on Facebook.

Baxter Hawaii 1    Baxter Hawaii 2


New York

4 to 5 year-old male with Brenda Malick at

Meet Barkley

is a very handsome and uniquely marked 4- to 5-year-old neutered boy. He is very sweet, on the smaller side. He is very active so he needs a fenced yard and a somewhat active home. He is okay on a leash, he does pull a little, but with a little work and attention he will be a wonderful addition to someone's family and life... He is great with all the other Whippets here, he loves everybody, and is good in a crate. He also is a talker.. This boy has tons of personality, and really just wants to be someone's special pet. He is housebroken. If you think you are the person or family for Barkley, please fill out an application and send it to his foster home!

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11 year-old male with Ann Dickerson at or (541) 757-8144.

Dante is a handsome boy, mostly white with lovely brindle markings. I met Dante several years ago, and have taken care of him off and on throughout these years. Dante is a quiet gentleman. He spends most of his time sleeping and loves to soak up the sun for hours on end! Dante is used to staying long hours alone. He also knows about doggy doors. He has enjoyed being at my house with the other Whippets and other dogs that come and go. Dante has lived with children. He gets along with whatever is presented him. Dante is not fazed by anything! He eats in a crate and sleeps on a chair, bed or couch and loves to go for car rides.

Dante was diagnosed with Horner�s Syndrome early in life, resulting in vision out of only one eye. He has never had sight in the other eye.

Due to a long ago, unknown accident, Dante is missing the very tip of his tail.

Dante is being treated for Cutaneous Melanoma. Currently, MediStyp Styptic Powder is being applied to the open sores, which controls any bleeding. In addition, a solution of half water / half hydrogen peroxide is applied as needed. So far with the application of the powder, he has not licked the sores and is doing okay.

Despite the daily care, Dante really is an easy keeper.

Dante's former owner was away from home at least 12 hours per day in her profession. He needs someone that will now be home most of the day; even though he sleeps a good bit of the time. I want him to know he is no longer going to be totally alone throughout his senior years.

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1 year-old Female Whippet with Nancy Billups at

Adoption Pending!

Zoey was owner surrendered to the shelter a week after her sister Harper was. We do know that they are littermates and that their mother is a purebred whippet, the father was unknown. Zoey is a very happy girl, always wiggly, always ready to play. She weighs about 24 lbs. Zoey is good with all the other dogs she's been around. She is especially good with big dogs. She knows how to use a doggie door and is a good eater. Zoey is 1 year old and travels well in the car and a crate. Zoey is young and does need some training and would be great in an active home. If you would like to know more about Zoey, please email me.

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